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Local 714 Member Scores Shutout in Windy City Boxing Match

Germaine "Silky Smooth" Sanders Shows Off Teamster Pride in the Rin

November 9, 2005

Germaine "Silky Smooth" Sanders, a member of Local 714 in Berwyn, Illinois, scored a shutout over Joshua Dwight Smith in the co-main event at the Windy City Fight Night on November 4 at Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois. The junior middleweight match went eight rounds, with Sanders dominating the fight with his speed and skilled punches. The judges' scorecards read 82-72, all for Sanders.

Sanders, a welterweight who is often called "Chicago's slickest fighter," has been a member at Elkay Manufacturing for six years. Sanders is very proud to be a Teamster, with the union logo clearly visible on his silks. After his win on November 4, he made sure all the fans saw that logo as he raised his arms in victory.

"Germaine is a very determined and well-trained boxer," said Robert A. Hogan, Local 714 Secretary-Treasurer. "I am proud to have him as a member of our union. We all went out and cheered for him and plan to do the same at the next match."

In June, Sanders defeated Luciano "El Gallo Bravo" Perez in the "Wave of Fury" boxing championship. He will be the main event at the next Windy City Fight Night on Friday, December 16 at the Cicero Stadium.

"Sanders is not only a very good boxer, he's a good person and very loyal union member," said Danny Diallo, business agent for Local 714. "We are all watching his career take off with great enthusiasm".


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